Co-Ops invest in your New Mexico community

The Sixth Cooperative Principle: Cooperation among Cooperatives.
Cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together.

In 2012 six Los Alamos cooperatives met for coffee to explore the idea of a cooperative marketing program:
Bathtub Row Brewing, Del Norte Credit Union, Little Forest Playschool, Los Alamos Coop Market, Los Alamos Schools Credit Union, and Zia Credit Union. It only took one meeting for them to all agree this was a great idea and the Keep It Co-Op! movement was born. Since 2012, Keep It Co-Op! members have partnered with each other through food drives, community concerts, shred days, and membership promotions. This year, they are partnering on a much larger scale to benefit the Los Alamos community to help create a community park.
The Los Alamos Schools Credit Union is constructing a new facility at 1010 Central Avenue in Los Alamos, New Mexico, opening in Summer 2021. A green space approximately 80′ x 80′ in the northeast corner of LASCU’s property was presented to the Keep It Co-Op! group as an opportunity to partner together to develop a community Co-Op Park. Phase I of the Co-Op Park, scheduled to be completed in 2021, includes landscaping, picnic tables, benches, raised gardens, shade canopies, a wall foundation, walls, stucco, fencing, and stage electrical. Phase II will be completed in 2022 and includes the stage foundation and stage canopy.
The six original Keep It Co-Op! members have committed to contribute financially to the Co-Op Park. Keep It Co-Op! members are seeking other financial support to make the Co-Op Park a reality. Del Norte LOV Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Del Norte Credit Union, is a donor to the Co-Op Park. Los Alamos Places & Spaces is a potential donor. Keep It Co-Op! is actively soliciting additional contributions from fellow community members to bring this community project to life. Will you contribute today?